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  1. Gregg Deneweth
    704 days ago

    Hello, are there any club or extended mixes of your songs available? If not, there needs to be.

  2. Vranz Van Maaren
    595 days ago

    ‘Saw your Vid this morning.

    We’d like to air it on our (AC) Music Television station in Holland and Belgium: “LiteTV”.
    Your kind permission, pleez, if you guys like this.

    Vranz Van Maaren
    Naarde, Holland

    • fathertiger
      593 days ago

      Thanks for playing our video! :)

  3. Horst Schneider
    579 days ago

    Dear Father Tiger,
    I have got your Christmas Song last day during Twitter (Todd of A Different Drum sent it). I really like your music and have already requested all free MP3 Downloads. Thanks a lot for sharing your music for free. I hope you will release a full length album soon!

    Keep on that excellent work!

    Greetings from Austria, Europe

  4. Rob Gaona
    428 days ago

    Hello, i just wanted to say. That your work is awesome. The leader singer is incredible. The videos are original. I have to say Ia have an obsession with “Head Hung Low” not only the song , the video it’s amazing. I will love more videos like this so hot.

    Thanks for sharing awesome music with the world
    BTW You should come to méxico city

    • fathertiger
      393 days ago

      Thank you so much! :)