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  1. Gregg Deneweth
    3 years ago

    Hello, are there any club or extended mixes of your songs available? If not, there needs to be.

  2. Vranz Van Maaren
    2 years ago

    ‘Saw your Vid this morning.

    We’d like to air it on our (AC) Music Television station in Holland and Belgium: “LiteTV”.
    Your kind permission, pleez, if you guys like this.

    Vranz Van Maaren
    Naarde, Holland

    • fathertiger
      2 years ago

      Thanks for playing our video! :)

  3. Horst Schneider
    2 years ago

    Dear Father Tiger,
    I have got your Christmas Song last day during Twitter (Todd of A Different Drum sent it). I really like your music and have already requested all free MP3 Downloads. Thanks a lot for sharing your music for free. I hope you will release a full length album soon!

    Keep on that excellent work!

    Greetings from Austria, Europe

  4. Rob Gaona
    2 years ago

    Hello, i just wanted to say. That your work is awesome. The leader singer is incredible. The videos are original. I have to say Ia have an obsession with “Head Hung Low” not only the song , the video it’s amazing. I will love more videos like this so hot.

    Thanks for sharing awesome music with the world
    BTW You should come to méxico city

    • fathertiger
      2 years ago

      Thank you so much! :)