Music Video and Free Download “On Christmas Day”

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We wrote a synthpop Christmas song!

And we made a music video to go with it!

We teamed up with Director / Editor Jeffrey McHale again and had a great time filming this
little holiday treat up in the Hollywood Hills.

Free Download of “On Christmas Day”:

You can also buy this song on iTunes:

This single is included on the “Winter Solstice” EP.

Video Credits: (Crew)
Director / Editor: Jeffrey McHale
Cinematographer: Maximilian Schmige
Grip / B Cam Operator: Zach Salsman
Grip: Garrett Williams
Unit Production Manager: Sarah Mitchell

Video Credits: (Cast)
Mr. Claus: George Soul
Mr.s Claus: Aisha Jau
Elf 1: Lolly DuRand
Elf 2: Jen Broders
Elf 3: Jeffery King
Elf 4: Danny Lugioyo

Filmed on location at “The Treehouse” in Hollywood Hills, CA.

Special Thanks to Kevin Golden!

Music Credits:
Producer, Mixed, Engineered and performed by FATHER TIGER
Mastering Engineer: Reuben Cohen
Song written by Greg Delson and the traditional melody, “G-d Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

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  1. Jeff
    2 years ago

    Love this and the rest of your music. When is this EP coming out? I want it!

    • fathertiger
      2 years ago

      Thank you! The EP will be ready for download on the 18th. Make sure you’re on our email list, and we’ll send you the download link as soon as it’s available.

  2. Alina Tomazoni
    2 years ago

    I saw this video on Buzzfeed. I loved it! After I saw the video I wanted to hear more so I’m glad you guys are on Spotify. Your music is amazing! Come visit Miami soon? please??

    Thank you for the free download.

    your new fan!

    • fathertiger
      2 years ago

      Thank you!!! We’ll get over to Miami as soon as we can! :)