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10/23/2013Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY
FATHER TIGER with Sojourn Society & Kodacrome

10/25/2013Tree House Lounge in Washington, DC
FATHER TIGER with Kodacrome

10/27/2013TT The Bear’s in Cambridge, MA
FATHER TIGER with Kodacrome


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  1. Mike
    659 days ago

    I saw you guys in Chinatown. You rock!!! A truly unique sound. Find a place to play because I want to see you play again.

    • fathertiger
      658 days ago

      Thanks! Make sure to like us on facebook, because we post every show there! Glad you enjoyed the show – look forward to seeing you at a future one!

  2. Fruit-for-Peace
    594 days ago

    I’m not a face-booker, but I just found a posting on your new xmas song/video on and have TOTALLY fallen in love with your music. I had to go on YouTube and watch/listen to ALL your stuff. FANTASTIC!!!! It would be GREAT if you could head up I-5 and do a show in Portland sometime. Thanks for making my day by making SUCH great music! :-)

    • fathertiger
      592 days ago

      Thank you!!! We can’t wait to do a show up in Portland! :)

  3. Fruit-for-Peace
    592 days ago

    I don’t want to sound too selfish, but not only do I really hope you come to Portland soon, I would LOVE to have an entire new album by you gents! :-)

    I’ve downloaded all of your songs from your site (thanks!), and I’m HOOKED! Excellent new music like yours is like CRACK! It feels SO good, but it always leave me wanting/needing more, more, MORE! :-)

    Looking forward to seeing/hearing you in Portland some time in the near future. Have a GREAT holidays, and thanks again for the FANTASTIC music! I just love, love, LOVE your sound! :-)

  4. Fruit-for-Peace
    581 days ago

    Woke up this morning, checked my email and found your message about your new “Winter Solstice” EP! AWESOME!!!! Thank you SO much! You absolutely MADE my DAY! Have a GREAT holidays, gents! :-)

  5. Michael J. Hildebrand
    511 days ago

    I am loving your music, fellas. I hope you will take a stint down to the South and play a show here in Memphis, TN before to long.

  6. ron
    509 days ago

    Awesome sounds dudes!! Love it!! You need to come up to Vancouver Canada – ASAP!!! Would love to see you live !! Your songs here on heavy rotation on my computer!! Thanks very much!!

  7. Alan
    506 days ago

    Are you guys going to be in the SF Bay Area? I would love to catch a show!

  8. Paul
    503 days ago

    Haven’t stopped listening to Head Hung Low since I downloaded it (and what a great video!) Terrific music, hope you do a show in Toronto sometime soon!

    • fathertiger
      491 days ago

      Awesome! Thanks so much! We hope to tour sometime this year!

  9. Eddy
    454 days ago

    You’re needed in NYC, too! You guys are amazing. Thanks for the tunes.

  10. SMpls1
    421 days ago

    Wondering if you’ll ever play a show in Minneapolis, MN?

    • fathertiger
      393 days ago

      One day, we will! :)

  11. bcooper
    389 days ago

    is it ok to be smitten by you two cuties and really really really love your music?